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Champions (UK) plc - Loughborough


To co-project manage a major development for brand agency Champions (UK) plc as they doubled the size of their offices, taking care of all electrical and lighting aspects of the new build and ensuring energy efficiency.


We co-project managed, supplied and installed all the electrical aspects of the new build including LED lighting, LED ceiling tiles, emergency lighting, exterior lighting, and suspended lighting from our CLS range giving a clean, economical and very adequate lighting source.

To further increase the energy efficiency, the existing building has adopted the same requirements of energy saving including the same lighting additions to that of the new build. We ensured the substantial energy efficiency required by further increasing the efficiency to include PIR sensors throughout the new build and also installing solar panels.


As well as installing all electrical aspects of the new build, we achieved massive savings of energy consumption across the whole of the development. The new offices at Champions (UK) plc are now home to a rapidly expanding business and workforce.