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Hollywood Bowl - Bolton


To remove unreliable external neon lighting which was causing issues due to running cost, repair costs and repair facility assistance as the majority of these type of engineers no longer have the capability, parts or have left the business requiring repairs or maintenance.

Items required to replace the old neon lighting had to be durable, energy efficient, easy to install and consist of as little parts or light driving equipment as possible. Our lighting needed to be brighter than the old style Neon lighting giving more brand recognition than other leisure based activities within the same leisure park.


Our solution was built to accommodate the client’s individual needs and was competitively priced. We delivered and installed all lighting during one evening whilst the business was closed, ensuring no inconvenience or risk to health and safety for passers-by or customers visiting the nearby attractions. Ensuring the installation was carried out in a matter of hours kept installation costs low.

Rather than installing multiple Neon parts as in the past, our Digital LED Neon Flex was supplied in two halves (total length 30 metres/2x 15 metre lengths) with no need of any additional drivers to power up the product as each length of LED Neon flex is manufactured to be installed directly into the main electric 110v - 220v AC. Our system was approximately 60% more energy efficient.


As the Neon Flex is entirely manufactured within flexible plastic product, it is far more robust and durable to the delicate glass structure of traditional Neon Lighting. The lighting we installed was brighter by 30% compared to traditional Neon lighting, making the Hollywood bowl brand much more prominent within the leisure park it is situated.