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Loughborough University - Loughborough


To incorporate a lighting design to emphasise the outer areas of the student union club area for the Graduation Ball 2014. Rather than having static colours which most LED tape can apply, we opted for a visual colour flow and changeable moving design. It had to be easily installed, programmed and operated using DMX (Digital Multiplex) which is standard for communication networks that are commonly used to control stage lighting and effects.


We implemented visual moving effects in many simulated formats such as: Comet, Starburst, Rainbow and many other colours in motion giving further lighting to areas normally shadowed. This gave further impact to the lighting scheme and feature.

Having only three wires to connect using only 5v made it easy to install rather than dealing with standard LED tape applications whichrequire more wire and higher voltages such as 12 or 24V. Digital tape can be cut directly after each LED along a marked cut line and capable of working up to 10 meters with no loss in performance or effect. Having the capability to be cut after each LED allowed for no waste of LEDs during the installation.


The system we implemented at the Graduation Ball proved to be a big success and has been used since for many other applications such as commercial branding and retail applications where movement is required as a visual prop.