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Namco Fun Scape County Hall, London and Dagenham, Essex


To carry out a comprehensive room-by room energy audit and find alternative LED light fittings to not only give the correct lighting look, but to reduce energy consumption to at least 60%, ensuring the capital investment for the entire lighting purchase would see a return on investment in less than two years.


Many of the items used for both projects comprised of the CLS LED range which is manufactured in the EU and is represented by Ventola Projects Ltd as the Approved UK Distributor. Our audit facility allows business owners to home in on the more prominent areas of their businesses which are consuming more energy than others, should they wish to stage a gradual energy saving policy, or to go all in and do the entire premises and benefit from fantastic capital investment returns. In many cases, they see a return on investment within two years. All of the CLS LED products remain under warranty even after they have paid for themselves.


The Ventola Projects audit facility allowed Namco Station to see what each room costs in energy usage, CO2 emission and running costs, with similar data provided to alternative energy saving products so instantly the savings in cost and the impact to the environment could be understood and a process of reduction could be implemented almost immediately.