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Readings Estate Agents - Leicester


To carry out a comprehensive roomby- room energy evaluation and a revised lighting design prior to the redevelopment of a disused Leicester city centre shop. Also, to evaluate if the current format of existing lighting fitted the Readings new branding and to ensure correct levels of energy efficiency could be met.


After carrying out the audit, it was very apparent that the levels of energy efficiency were next to non-existent. Using our auditing process we calculated that using our comprehensive supply of LED alternative products, we could achieve a payback on capital investment on the purchase of LED products in just a couple of years before the warranty on many of the products was over.

By choosing the CLS-LED brand to which we are UK distributors, these LED products provided a great retail alternative to many wholesale LED goods which although cheaper, are not suitable for certain applications. The use of the CLS-LED Florence, Luxo3, Luxo6 and Focus Spot were chosen for the New Reading Leicester City Centre store.


The CLS-LED products have given a fresh new feel to the shop without making the lighting effect too stark, as well as adding an element of warmth to the atmosphere of the new store.