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USAF Air Base Spangdahlem, Germany


To create modern eye catching effects which incorporated energy efficiency and low maintenance costs. They had to be individually tailored, adaptable to future market trends and easily controlled with remote access support and programming updates. We offered a competitive advantage over other similar industries nearby and a high speed of production turnaround from order receipt.


Our system allowed the client to pick and choose the format of lighting to accommodate individual client usage on a booking to booking or process to process basis. Being able to show uniqueness of the product and facility to retain brand identity as products are made in the UK was hugely important. Order receipt to installation completion was turned around in three weeks.

The system was built to accommodate the clients’ individual and multiple requirements. It is a mid-to-high end product but competitively priced between 50 - 70% energy efficient dependent how the system is controlled.


The client was provided with show-stopping wow factor effects with the capability to extend with little disruption or expense to keep up-to-date with market trends. This ensured day-to-day management of the system could be accommodated using our remote online support. Our VAvR advanced lighting system remains a reliable, efficient and durable LED lighting system whether being use for show lighting, general lighting or a combination of both.