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What the Butler saw at Leicester's Curve Theatre


Brought on board by The Curve Theatre, Leicester’s most popular entertainment venue, we were tasked with providing and installing our VAvR LED digital tape for their latest stage show, What The Butler Saw.


What The Butler Saw is a contemporary stage adaptation which required cutting-edge effect lighting to correspond with the fast-moving, comedy action within the show. Our popular product, the VAvR digital tape, was the perfect solution for this project due to the vast range of effects and the ease of control it brings.

The team worked with the production’s lighting crew from consultation through to installation to ensure the lights would bring maximum benefit to the set.


The overall experience of the show was heightened due to the tape’s versatility and ability to create a range of colour-changing effects, adding a dynamic edge to certain scenes.

Once the production leaves Leicester’s Curve Theatre, the VAvR LED digital tape will be taken along as part of the show’s permanent set and will be used at some of the UK’s most illustrious venues