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Walton Pier – Walton-on-the-Naze


We started off by removing the bar and seating area and replacing it with a new bar area complete with wood flooring and seating. To complete the bar area we installed the VAvR SL12 LED wash light to the curved ceiling. Our building work also saw us demolish an unused kitchen area to provide more space to the games area and redesign, relocate and rebuild a customer service point.


To bring the bowing complex up to date we pulled down an old dividing wall between bowling players area and mechanical equipment and reinstated a new plasterboard stud wall. This new area was redesigned to hold a projector where live sports and advertising could be streamed, further adding to the excitement of the pier.

For the bowling alley itself we supplied aluminium housing to the side walls and installed our VAvR Digital LED Tape, the lighting for which can be altered thanks to it being connected to the show software. 


We were able to play a crucial part in the refurbishment of the much-loved pier, and now visitors have a fun and contemporary place to enjoy spending time with family and friends. The use of LED lighting throughout means that the pier will also benefit from lower energy costs.