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360 Mall - Kuwait


The 360 Mall is a luxury shopping mall and the third largest shopping mall in Kuwait. The developers, Tandeem Entertainment Co, were looking for vibrancy with the ability to choose a variety of color sequences and scenes for the lighting along with a traditional white or UV glow effect. 


To create this, the team at Ventola Projects decided to use the VAvR LED Lighting System. These products were best suited to pair with specialized applications that could create a multitude of colors or sequences, giving a number of different options and functionalities with one product.


The design process of this project was key. One challenge that the team came across was that the facility has a continuous curved ceiling. However, they were able to design the VAvR products to ensure the output of lighting effects remained constant between the varying heights of the ceiling. 

With the new VAvR system, the 360 Mall reflects the world-class status with its lighting as well as architecture, shops, and entertainment. It was great to spend time making an impact to what was already a stunning space.