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Tenpin Acton, West London


The Tenpin Acton Family Entertainment venue in West London engaged us to utilise their downtime effectively, following restrictions imposed by the pandemic, to refresh their interior lighting solutions. This would ensure their facility was up to date and fit for purpose upon consumer return.

Not only this, but the client also wanted us to enhance safety efforts around guest flow and social distancing through lighting.


Installed during a Covid-conscious period, we delivered our VAvR LED lighting solution, which was reengineered during the early stages of lockdown to be 50 – 60 % more efficient than traditional lighting products.

It was important to the client to provide something unique, fresh, and exciting for their customers. We therefore installed lighting across the entire bowling area including four new VIP lanes in the facility, which was enhanced further with a special glow effect to this dedicated area within the facility


Our re-engineered lighting solutions helps the business to save money in an ongoing capacity.

Darkened areas of the facility improve guest flow and help guests to understand which areas are off limits as they navigate the establishment under social distancing guidelines. Above all, our solutions help to provide a stress-free experience as well as enhancing the entertainment on offer at Tenpins’ West London, UK location.