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Ten Entertainment Group: Printworks Tenpin Venue, Manchester


The Printworks location in Manchester is one of the city’s most famous locations, hosting a variety of entertainment offerings. Its Tenpin venue is among the best, offering several amenities including a bowling area, pool tables, arcades and bar setting. To update its facilities for the modern consumer, we were tasked with installing our signature VAvR LED lighting system across key areas of the building.


To complement the existing bowling lanes and add an extra touch of flair, we installed our VAvR experiential projection system, which delivers moving lane images, visual effects, and exciting in-game options, such as transforming lanes into mini football pitches. The technology can also be adapted to include in-game advertisements, such as food and drink offers, to boost customer engagement.

As well as this, it was important for the communal and entertainment areas of the facility to undergo a lighting refresh, to continue meeting the needs of the 21st century customer.


The Tenpin venue can now set itself apart from local competition through its exciting and innovative offering. Not only can customers be immersed in an interactive bowling experience, but also, guests relaxing and socialising in other settings can also make the most of their visit.

These advancements in the facility are crucial for supporting the success of the business as the FEC industry returns to its feet after a tough pandemic period.