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Saudi Arabia FEC Facility


A high profile client in the Middle East enacted our services to upgrade key specific areas of their FEC facility.
Seeking a high visual impact with increased energy efficiency throughout the entirety of the building, which consists of a bar, bowling lanes and general entertainment areas, the client was keen to revolutionise their facility for the modern customer, and to establish themselves against the competition.


Our re-engineered VAvR lighting product, consisting of general colour changing and mood lighting effects, was installed in the facility, giving customers a visually appealing experience as they traverse the entire facility.
From warm, cosy, and welcoming lighting, to bright, immersive, and engaging illumination, the high-tech facility now perfectly caters to the modern consumer.
Also, for an extra level of flair and personality and to further contribute to the modern vibe of the facility, bespoke designs were added on the walls, dining area and gaming section of the building.


Thanks to the successful installation delivering the visual impact the customer desired, our hard work has led to further works with the client in the future, building this into a long-standing customer relationship.
This comes as fantastic news, as the Middle East continues to grow as a huge entertainment area for Ventola Projects.