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Monster Mini Golf


Monster Min Golf, a franchised chain of family entertainment centres, with locations all across the US, approached Ventola Projects with the aim of improving the offering of three of its major locations: Charlotte, Carolina, Twilight Zone in Las Vegas and Fresco, Texas.

The facilities each feature impressive and engaging entertainment solutions, including indoor, 18-hpole, glow in the dark mini golf courses, as well as video and redemption arcade games, and so it was crucial to Monster Mini Golf to enhance its facilities with experiential lighting solutions to provide memorable experiences to its customers with every visit.


Our VAvR LED lighting solution was installed into each of the locations during the project period of each facility, delivering immersive and engaging lighting solutions including colour-changing lights and mood lighting effects to complement and enhance the product offering.

While each facility boasts its own sense of uniqueness, providing guests with a one-of-a-kind experience, we kept a sense of professional consistency throughout the facilities, further solidifying the brands leading reputation.


Each of the three facilities are now decked out in exciting and visual lighting solutions, providing guests with a truly immersive and engaging experience as they put their mini golf skills to the test.

In addition

Off the back of these projects, Ventola Projects have also secured works at another Monster Mini Golf facility in Deer Park New York, with installations set to begin in Spring 2022.