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Leicester Audi - Leicester


To take existing light fittings, remove unreliable LEDs and drivers in each light assembly of the Audi showroom, and develop and manufacture a replacement here in the UK. We needed to create an alternative LED unit and driver, which could still be used in the existing fitting with an element of protection within each housing to further protect the LEDs and driver assemblies.


Using our vast knowledge and large supply base we tested a number of drivers to see which unit had the capabilities of taking the load without the need to stress each supply more than required.

Originally, each light fitting was configured so if an LED blew or became faulty, it would cause the remaining LEDs to blow or cause the driver to short. We remade each PCB in each fitting and batched the LEDs into multiple smaller groups rather than all together which reduced the overall load on the drivers but also gave the added benefit that in the future should a LED become faulty, the entire fitting would not go off altogether but only a small portion of it so as to not reduce drastically the cosmetic and lighting perception within the showroom. 

Whilst producing the new PCBs, we also included a better grade LED which increased the light output by 10% without any further increase in power consumption which was very important to the business manager of the dealership.


The Audi showroom were provided with a much more reliable lighting system which increased light output without any further increase in power consumption.