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Mercure Hotel - Latvia


To further enhance the visual appearance of the Mercure Hotel in Latvia, CLS was selected to supply the exterior lighting, because of its broad experience with similar projects worldwide. The assignment was to create an eye catcher, without disturbing any guests in their hotel rooms.


By using the HYLO with narrow beams of only 12° and a warm white colour temperature (3000K), the vertical shapes of the building are accentuated, while the light remains between the hotel room windows. REVO Compacts on the higher floors complement this effect. By using HYLO fixtures with amber as a contrasting colour on the ground floor, the height of the building is further enhanced, while a clear distinction is made between hotel rooms and public areas.

The real eye catcher effect however, is achieved by illuminating the glass façade elements. The top two floors of the hotel serve as event areas and therefore have a uniquely shaped steel and glass construction on the outside, offering guests a view over the city. By installing 60 pieces of LON GII RGBA in the windowsills of each floor, this part of the hotel gets extra attention. In addition, the glass elevator shaft is equipped with as much as 270 IRMA RGB modules.


By controlling all LONs and IRMAs individually as pixels, spectacular effects and animations could be achieved. For this purpose, a Pharos DMX control system was installed, which plays back an impressive display of colours and effects every night.