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Mirage Entertainment Centre - Mablethorpe


To generate a completely new lighting feature for the extension and redevelopment of the long established Mirage Entertainment Centre near the beach front at Mablethorpe. Individual tailoring was requested from the client in all aspects of the LED lighting ranging from effect, general use, show lighting and sound to light interfacing.

We were required to provide adaptability to future market trends and ensure the system was easily upgradable with little fuss, as well as offering remote access support should out of hours assistance be required. We were asked to complete the work from receipt of order to installation in only two weeks.


All product supply was carefully made to meet the client’s requirements using our design team to discuss the need for particular lighting for either single or multifunctional uses. The client was capable of segregating multiple zones of many thousands of square feet to have individual control over each LED Fitting, laser unit or type of unit from a centrally managed lighting software package located in the reception area.

The show software could be adapted to serve either the general public, private parties or corporate events at the touch of a button and revert to its previous settings just as quickly. The products supplied and installed gave instant commercial recognition to a market it previously could not cater for, becoming the only site in the local area capable of supplying this service. All products were made in the UK.


With just a 2 week turnaround from receipt of order to installation, the new development has received fantastic reviews from customers, helping increase revenue beyond expectations.