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Planet Laser Entertainment Centre - Bury St. Edmunds


To generate a fresh, easily operated, colour-changing LED lighting feature for their new entertainment centre based on the outskirts of Bury St. Edmunds. Individual tailoring was requested from the client in all aspects of the LED lighting ranging from effect, general use, show lighting. We were required to ensure adaptability to operate without the need of expensive show software, but generate an effective alternative to standard and basic colour changing lighting. The turnaround time from receipt of order to installation was required to be three weeks.


All product supply was carefully made to meet the client’s requirements using our design team to discuss the need for particular lighting for either single or multifunctional uses. A simple show software package was made to simplify the operation of the lighting without compromising on the effect for use by either general public, private parties or corporate events. The products supplied and installed gave instant commercial recognition against similar entertainment centres nearby. As products were made in the UK, from order receipt to installation completion, turnaround was within the required three weeks.


Our installation has played a major role, increased initial projected revenue and attracted further new business from corporate events which the site never expected. Party bookings have also been better than expected.