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Twickenham residential project, Richmond upon Thames


This project commenced early 2016, when we were called by the architect to supply a quality product that looked great, was cost effective and capable of being controlled by a RAKO automated control system. The product needed to work to specific features relating to the indoor ceiling ‘down’ and floor ‘up’ lighting, ensuring the correct output and desired white colour tone was provided.


We chose to install CLS-LED Luxo 3 COB and a special edition REVO micro inground as they met all the client requirements. The REVO ingrounds were made bespoke to the client’s requirements in a very short period and at no extra cost.

Also supplied was VAvR Digital Tape which provided a lighting source to the many internal rooms in this residential property. The tape also gave the option of colour controlled mood effects in the kitchen, lounge, TV room, bedrooms and bathrooms.

As per the customer’s request the digital tape was controllable via the RAKO lighting control system.


The project was delivered on time within customer’s deadlines. The client was so pleased with the result they asked us to further supply a lighting solution for the exterior of the property.

We supplied CLS-LED lighting consisting of the CLS HYLO, REVO inground and CLS REVO Micro. As well as these CLS products our VAvR Digital Tape was supplied to give further lighting effect to external staircases, external floor areas around the perimeter of the housing development and along a very long, narrow driveway.