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Gama Ride, San Bruno, San Francisco


We were recently approached by bowling arcade, Gama Ride in San Bruno, close to San Francisco International Airport in California, to redevelop its lanes with our lighting solutions. The center is popular with bowlers of various abilities, which meant we needed to provide a solution that could be adapted to different events.


The solution we provided for the San Bruno bowling facility was our three-in-one VAvR lighting system. This made it easy for the center to create the right atmosphere for a particular bowling event, such as a party, or for the general public.

VAvR’s LED lighting allows the center to create stunning visual effects through changing colors and tones, as well as adding other effects such as flashing. All of these can be controlled from a handheld controller for added convenience.

The lighting can be applied to each of the center’s four lanes or applied lane-by-lane, meaning that the bowlers could enjoy their own unique experience. The LED lights used in VAvR are also energy efficient which not only offers a vibrant alternative to general white lighting or glow bowling, but also helps the center to keep the cost of lighting as low as possible.

From the initial consultation through to installing the VAvR system and lighting, we worked closely with the center at every stage of the project in order to understand what the facility hoped to achieve from its lighting solution.


With our VAvR solution, the San Bruno bowling facility is now able to provide a great atmosphere for its customers no matter what their level of bowling skill, and with the VAvR also offering an energy-efficient replacement for white light lane bowling, the center can provide this unique experience while keeping costs down.