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Tenpin Bowling - Cheshire Oaks


Cheshire Oaks, located near Ellesmere Port, have recently re-launched their Tenpin bowling centre. Cheshire Oaks has invested more than £1 Million in the recent transformation which includes latest technology, new attractions and will create more than 25 new jobs. The clients brief was to deliver a multi-functional LED lighting system to completely change the dynamic of the existing format, ensuring more than adequate general white lighting and a multitude of vibrant colours. It was also important to them to have complete control of the entire facility in one action, but to also have the capabilities to control specific areas separately from the main control PC, remotely via an app, or alternatively from a PC within the facility. 


Through our VAvR LED lighting system, we were able to create a lighting solution which provides a fun and memorable experience for the facility users. This lighting system ranged from using VAvR Linear Optics, CS16 Downlights, CS4 Downlights and VAvR Pixel Tape, which were designed to suit the clients design plan. Not only are these products visually appealing, but they are also designed to be energy efficient, meaning the facility can reduce costs whilst still ensuring visitors have a memorable experience.  


This project saw our team complete the installation of our VAvR range across the whole facility in just three weeks, which was inclusive of the bar, restaurant, seating area and the tenpin bowling. As a result of this lighting range being installed, the entertainment facility at Cheshire Oaks is visually appealing, meaning the staff at the facility can feel confident in providing a great experience for their customers. 

Client Feedback: "We are very satisfied with the end result and amazed at the functionality of the VAvR LED lighting system, its vibrant colour effects and how it also incorporates conventional white LED lighting for general day to day use at the simple touch of an icon on a computer screen”.