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The importance of energy efficient lighting in 2020

Energy efficiency is a topic which is never far from everyday conversation. 

Governments, organisations, businesses and individuals all know that action is required to address the amount of energy we consume and to protect the future of our natural world. Whilst this may be all the incentive you need to look at energy consumption, it’s worth remembering that there other, very tangible reasons for doing this too, such as: -

Cost saving
​Before environmental considerations jumped to the top of the agenda, businesses looked at reducing energy simply to keep operational costs to a minimum. Identifying any areas where energy usage might be reduced is still a very valid money saving exercise and should therefore be part of any smart business’s plan.The savings may be considerable, and it takes cost straight from the bottom line, allowing for it to be used elsewhere to much better effect.

Raising Environmental profile 
​One of the biggest changes to business in recent times is the way in which target markets engage and interact with their product and service providers. It is no longer enough to just sell something people want to buy, today’s buyers want to know about the profile of the company behind the product or service and want to see ethical policies which are aligned with their own beliefs.Environmental credentials are being scrutinised more than ever, so failure to illustrate a responsible approach can be costly when it comes to consumer confidence.

Legal duties
There may be little in the way of legislation relating to energy efficiency for SME’s just yet, but the Government’s wider plan to drastically reduce emissions by 2050 could involve the introduction of specific laws to achieve this target. Since business activity is thought to account for around 50% of the UK’s total emissions, it’s not difficult to imagine that stricter legal requirements will be introduced here in the very near future. As with most new laws affecting businesses, forewarned is forearmed, and any steps taken now may save a huge amount of resource and money closer to the legal deadline.

Ventola know that energy efficiency matters
At Ventola Projects we have long understood the importance of reducing energy usage and that is why our entire range of lighting products are energy efficient.We are always looking for new ways to help our clients reduce their energy consumption and often this can be through the replacement of old, inefficient lighting systems with much more cost-effective ones. Approaching every new job with enthusiasm and applying innovative products and ideas, we provide solutions which address cost concerns without compromising on the ‘wow effect’ we know our clients want to achieve.

Lighting is often the first area where an entertainment facility can save money, but we believe this should never be at the expense of the vibrant atmosphere. The LED components within our VAvR system are bright and bold but low-energy and low maintenance – offering a win: win situation for both the business and the environment.

If you think energy efficiency is something you’d like to consider for your own business or facility then get in touch and we will be happy to help.